The Modern Escort

The Modern Escort

“This is a nice restaurant,” Gabe commented as he sat down across from Iris. The redheaded woman smiled and nodded, taking a quick look around; she had picked this place specifically for its success rate in terms of booking clients. She frequently started off here with the men and women she entertained, then moved it to the hotel upstairs for the deeper fun. Gabe had been quite open to that idea, and when he found out Iris was early to their meeting, he offered to her the opportunity to order whatever she wanted until he got there. A seventy-pound glass of wine sat on the table in front of her, fingers wrapped around the stem.

“I love it here,” Iris said with a friendly smile. “They have the best wine, and the best looking people. Everyone is beautiful in here.”

“You come here a lot for escort work?” Gabe asked. Iris nodded; no point in being coy about it.

“This is my favorite place to work,” she said. “It’s a place that is comfortable for me, and it’s nice enough to relax those I come here with. The rooms are nice, too,” she added with a small smirk. Gabe seemed happy.

“So,” Gabe said, setting aside his menu after deciding on his drink and entrée. “I want to get to know you, but I also want to know about your experiences with clients. Leaving out names, of course,” he added quickly when he noted her raised brow. “What’s the most exciting experience you’ve had since you started doing this?”

Iris tilted her head a bit in thought. “When I was working with a London escorts agency, as opposed to freelance,” she finally said. “I drank more wine than I could handle, then went in and took six bookings in a row. Some of them found out that I had a booking right after them and asked to join; everyone agreed on the way it went down, which ended up being a lot of fun.” She took a long drink from her wine glass. “It’s a rush to have alcohol running through your system while a man has your chest pressed to a mattress while trying to get himself off.

“It’s even more fun when they want to tease,” she continued. “They don’t even know each other, but they’re so in tune with what to do…my dress didn’t come off at first. It was pushed up around my hips, my panties were slid to the middle of my thighs, and there were just…feather touches.” She brushed her fingers fleetingly across the tablecloth. “Feather touches that nearly made me explode within five minutes of starting.”

“I can imagine it,” Gabe muttered, his voice a bit raspy all the sudden.

“Laying on the bed, my head in one’s lap while the other kissed along my thighs and ran his finger along the crease in said thigh,” Iris continued, her eyes glazing a bit as she imagined it. “The one I was laying on was the one that liked to tease me through my clothes. Rubbing through my dress on my chest, inching the fabric down so he could get a better look…”

Gabe looked more than interested at that point. “You got any clients you’re expecting after me?” he asked, only half joking. “Maybe we can make this a group activity.” Iris laughed.

“No, but I don’t need clients to call me and book,” she said, looking around the restaurant. “I’ll bet you I can have at least two men willing to come upstairs with us within twenty minutes…”